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More than 98% of buyers discover business partners through search. If you input in Korean/or English, MarketHub is automatically converted into 14 languages and the works, so you can promote it to the world at no cost.
Multilingual IRPR for 6 billion people
Just as celebrities communicate through SNS, companies and organizations now serve as a corporate 'newsroom' that can continuously introduce themselves to the world as well as domestic through the Markethub IRPR (News Release).
Digital transformation
MarketHub is a 'digital transformation' platform that can promote the B2B business of companies and organizations to the world and utilize multilingual homepage, multilingual, and SNS functions at the same time.

Recommended Products

Recommended Products


F1 Security Inc., the No.1 information protection partner of Korea going global!

F1Security Inc.

F1 Security takes care of simulate hacking, vulnerability evaluation, certification consulting such…


'Algorithm coding education', go beyond AlphaGo in Google.

Jijusoft Inc.

'AlphaGo' in Google, 'Watson' in IBM, 'Pepper' in Softbank.. have in common…

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A New Technology of Construction – Soil Wrapping, Soil Concrete Wrapping and Soil solidifier.

Union System Co., Ltd.

Human beings can live the most healthy and happy. However, as the civilization has developed significantly,…

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Nonselling coffee, Luwak Gold in Thailand

Kopi Luwak Gold Inc.

 The most expensive coffee in the world - kopi luwak is excreted through civet's stomach acid and…


Indeed, you are God’s love - MPAK


“If a human being has a right to be born, there will not any more abandoned children. When people give…

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GIOLITE-LUMIAN CO., LTD., The world's leading manufacturer of thermal transfer film


What is a thermal transfer film? The thermal transfer film is attached to the fabric by applying heat.…


Mecca of Korean Medicine, KNU Hospital

Kyungpook national university hospital

Human beings born, get aged, sick and die so called four pains. In fact, we cannot overcome with our…


Markethub to network Korean patents with the world

MarketHub IP

 Intellectual Property The world is now in patent war ... Patent disputes in the world industry have…


Dalseong Gun Office, do you know Korea’s Dalgubeol?


 Dalseong-gun Dalgubeol is Daegu’s traditional name which is a Chinese way of presenting its original…


Spabano, Microbubble Spa

Dawi Industrial Precision Inc.

 Spabano Dark gas emitted from cars and factories, Subway’s fine dust and yellow dust cause us to wear…


DPS, leading powder engineering and environmental regeneration technology

Daega Powder Systems Co., Ltd.

The term “particulate material” may be a technical term unfamiliar to the general public, but it can…


“Honest company produces better products”. “COGOTOOL”, Professional carbide cutting tool manufacturer in Korea.


- COGO carbide end mills in Korea with excellent carbide end milling, CBN end milling, high hardness…


The hepatectomy of high-level techniques, the world's best liver cancer surgery in Korea

MarketHub Medical

 Liver Cancer We believe that the people in their fifties who drank a lot of alcohol are getting caught…


Natural Cosmetics, Handmade Products and Aromatherapy: for the happier, healthier Life

Allthatherb Company

 Allthatherb Often among modern people, especially children and senior citizens, we observe cases where…


"Coble i," a luxury bag brand that creates the true value and standard of Korean luxury goods.

Coble i

Do you know "Simonne," the world's No. 1 (ODM) maker of luxury bags?Simone of Korea is…

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Antioxidant detergents of the world's top 10 super food “Oat” by Geumseong Chemical Co., Ltd., exported to 8 countries in the world.

Geumseong Chemical Co.

The law of similars, “Like cures like,” has been applied to treatment since the Hippocrates era around…