Kopi Luwak Gold


The most expensive coffee in the world - kopi luwak is excreted through civet's stomach acid and enzyme action that hydrolyze the protein. This excreted coffee bean is called 'kopi luwak'. It is the world 3rd coffee with the Blue mountain and Hawaiian Kona. Recently, civet has been raised by force in battery cage and be known by BBC in the England that people criticized it as animal abuse that civets are only been raised in 2m area.

Recently when the Indonesian government purchase the civet and set them free, the poachers captured the civet and sell in very expensive price even already kopi luwak's import can't adjust its demand. Furthermore, even you order it but can't have the proper amount. In other words, nonselling coffee is kopi luwak.


For making better kopi luwak

Great kopi luwak depends on coffee beans that should be good and fresh. Our kopi luwak is made by the best DoiChang Arabica Cherry which had a best prize in 2015 world coffee championship. Furthermore, the only excreted coffee bean can be gathered; not with the mixture of civet's vomitted coffe bean and water. Excreted coffee bean should proceed as classical method like collected in hands, dried and stored in the original coffeebean. The civets are very sensitive that when they get stressed, they eat their own flesh or male kills female except mating season. So if you want to have great kopi luwak, you should make great environment not to get stressed.


The way to distinguish kopi luwak for 100%.

The way to distinguish with kopi luwak with their excreta [Main Photo] is that beans are very distinguishable but when roasted, it's hard to distinguish. (1) The bean's color is very deep. (2) The color with the common coffee bean is not a coffee luwak but it's been chewed and spit that the color is light and distinguishable. (2) When you smell kopi luwak, the smell is not fishy but sweet and aromatic.

With reference, kopi luwak in Thailand is produced with the little amount that it has no quality certificate but substitute for the photo.


Reservation for ordering kopi luwak gold

Kopi luwak's total output is less than 300-500 kg for a year because civets has been set free and it's been produced. Even it has been raised, but only for 4 months(from November to February) in a year and excreted only 2-3kgs per one civet. Kopi luwak gold has been produced by the 30 civets(1-3 civets are raised in Thailand farm house in common), in 2016, it has been produced only 20kg and mostly supplied to Europe. In 2017, we expect 60-70kg and it has an advance reservation.

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