The world economy nowadays can be defined as the global economy due to the digital data according to IT industry development. The global economy is taking a various stands depending on the relationship and economy of each country, and this era can be explained as the time where that financial and trade system, and organizational structure coexist internationally. In this rapidly changing global society, numerous organizations-put into a difficult situation where the supply and demand are hard to be predicted- are in a dilemma where they struggle with mass-produced stocks piled up in the ware-house, domestic market saturation, competitions with the companies at the same field, and fights with multinational companies armed with IT technology and enormous capital externally. To begin with the conclusion, the only way to survive for an industrial organization is to compete with the global market.

Yet, to go overseas, foreign-language skills, abundant funds, international marketing abilities, trading experiences and professional human resources are required. And in the case of small and medium enterprises do not dare.

MarketHub will free you from all these problems at once.

MarketHub will actualize one by one with idea renovation and information through digital globalization and deviate from previous simple and traditional trading strategy. We reduce marketing and foreign language skill budgets through the world’s top translating technology and intelligent hybrid search engine, and help global exportation of SMEs through professionals. We introduce SMEs’ products to 14 languages, 100 countries, about 6 billion people, and have it directly traded. We also support to trade through the best expert partners in law, accounting, insurance, and transportation related to trade if the direct transaction is difficult.

These B2B marketHub producers direct transaction system later will be much more diversely exposed through PC and mobile platforms.

Global Network

MarketHub is networked to over 14 language groups, about 100 countries including U.S.A and China, and is slated to support partner companies by placing Representative office in each nation.