The term “particulate material” may be a technical term unfamiliar to the general public, but it can be easily understood to have a combined meaning of powder and granule, or to include all the powdered materials and granular particles. “Powder technology” refers to the technology to manufacture powders and granules or the technology to apply such equipment, or the technology to identify the physical properties or characteristic of particulate materials, and then, accordingly, conduct appropriate processing and physical property control. These powder technologies are applied to pulverizer, dryer, mixer, conveyor, compactor, separator, and other equipment.



Powder Systems


1. As the first-generation company specializing in particulate materials from the Korean industrialization period, established to manufacture powder equipment for industrial use in 1970s, DPS. now represents Korea’s 50-year powder engineering.

DPS is playing a great role in qualitatively improving the 21st-century high-tech industries by providing the best technologies in the field of powder raw material processing across all industries.

We are in charge of the very core processes involved in secondary battery material processing and molding, and product production. We also manufacture more efficient and safer products through joint research and collaboration. In addition, we enable producing enhanced complete products by providing the best and optimal powder engineering in various fields and industries, starting from petro chemistry, fine chemistry, other fields of applied chemistry such as electronics and electricity, and food industry as well.

We currently trade with over 700 clients, with Lotte Chemical, Samsung SDI, Posco, SK Innovation, Namhae Chemical, NH Nonghyup, KCC and OCI as our main clients, and since 1995, have exported to overseas countries, including Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, Singapore, Australia, France, Turkey, Kenya and Saudi Arabia.

2. DPS takes a great interest in environmental technologies, the technologies for humanity, and with even more enthusiasm than 20 years ago, we have successfully developed atmospheric odor and VOCs mitigation technologies and enhanced their performance by applying them to industrial sites, and also through our persistent research efforts in waste resource recycling technologies, we have applied our recycling facilities and technologies to many places around the world.

3. With its powder technology and its technical expertise in environmental fields as a solid foundation, DPS is now taking a big leap forward toward “the second revolution” 50 years ahead.

As Korea’s largest powder test center with over 30 kinds of pilot test equipment, our Institute of Technology, since its inception in September 1, 1996, has been conducting Powder extensive research in powder properties to promote manufacturing of high value-added products, and provides its clients with further objective data using various powder analyzers. We identify and analyze our clients’ requirements in advance, helping them enhance the quality of their existing products or develop new ones to become globally competitive. Our institute is not only the leader in Korea’s powder equipment fields and industries, but is also spurring its research efforts invarious eco-friendly bioplant sectors, including odor prevention for production facilities, industrial ventilation system, etc.



Fields of Application

• Secondary battery pulverizing plant
• Petrochemical PLANT
• Wood flour pulverizing plant
• Rice flour plant
• Powder paint pulverization & sifting, precision measurement, and packing system
• Bio Mixer (Organic waste composting system)
• Fine chemistry sectors: pulverizing, drying, sifting, storing, conveying, constant feeding, and packing plant
• Cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food, etc. manufacturing process
• Toner manufacturing facility
• Mineral pulverizing, sifting, storing, conveying, constant feeding, and packing plant



Our Equipment and Analyzers

• Test Equipment
Pullverizer, Mixer, Dryer, Separator, Sifter, Disperser, Compactor, Conveyor, Digester, Cyclone, Bag filter, Decanter, High temperature/pressure reactor, Surface modifier

• Analysis equipment
Particle size analyzer, Moisture analyzer, Dry oven, Vacuum oven, Micro scope, Ultrasonicator, Tensile strength analyzer, Noise analyzer, Flow/Velocity meter, Pressure meter, Electronic scale, Thermal imaging camera, FID, Odor analyzer, Stirrer, UV lamp, Auto sieve shaker), Incubator, Band sealer

• Simulation Programs
- 3D Modeling – Solidworks Professional
- Flow Simulation – SolidworksFolw
- Finite Element Analysis – Solidworks Premium

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DPS is Korea’s leading company that has developed various powder technologies and related equipment for the last 50 years since the 1970s. Please feel free to contact us anytime if you are an overseas company or buyer looking for a trusted business partnership in the field of powder and environmental technology (equipment purchase and installation, sales and marketing, technical consulting, localized business and investment, etc.).

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