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The world is now in patent war ... Patent disputes in the world industry have never ceased. There are disputes going on in various areas comprising the field of steel, and even erectile dysfunction treatment on top of the advanced information and communication technology (ICT) such as smart phone and automobile. Patent disputes are arising not only from the patent infringement claims but also from the trivial matters such as technical stealing, copying of sales methods, etc. A patent usually means the right secured to be enjoyed by anyone who has invented a new and useful thing, or the method of manufacturing the article, the new method of combining the substance, or the useful use of the substance.

No matter good idea or technology can ensure the competitiveness of the business or the product of the inventor without protection of the patent. Although ideas are important when applying for a patent, it is one of most difficult matters to choose a suitable patent attorney or a patent firm to consult with, and to commission with the application of a patent, either domestically or overseas.

In this regard, Markethub provides infrastructure services on patent business related to Korea and foreign patent laws in partnership with leading Korean patent law firms and the companies of patent analysis systems.



Provision of patent business service for Korean SMEs and agent work for overseas patent firms.

Markethub supports Korean SMEs by providing patent consultation service through dedicated patent attorney and service related to patent process through affiliated patent firms. As an agency, it performs agent business related to Korean patent (patent, utility model, design, overseas application of trademark, annual fee management, PCT application, etc.) for foreign patent firms.

* You Me Patent and Law Firm, which is affiliated with Markethub, is the No. 1 patent law firm in Korea and has about 250 employees. It acts on patent affairs of Samsung Electronics and about 6,000 domestic and overseas companies. C & S Patent and Law Office is a 55-year-old Korean representative patent firm with 150 employees, established in 1963 and operated by patent attorney Mr. Jeon Jung Hang, former Commissioner of Korean Intellectual Property Office.



Provision of total services such as patent research and big data analysis, IP consulting and patent

Utilizing Markethub's overseas infrastructure, we are pursuing overseas transfer of Korean patents system and Korea’s advanced technologies in patent investigation and big data analysis to the countries that are vulnerable in patent operation. (Southeast Asia, South America, Africa, etc.).

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