What is a thermal transfer film? The thermal transfer film is attached to the fabric by applying heat. It is mainly used for brand logos and sports apparel. It is made by combining thin layers of various materials. Because it sensitively reacts to fine dust and small temperature difference, it requires high technology.

Adidas, who has defeated Nike in the world sporting event at Euro 2016, selected the non-reflective film of "Geolite Lumian" as a special film to engrave uniform number.
Reflective fabrics are products that reflect light frequently in construction sites and accident sites. These reflective fabrics have been expanded to various fields as well as industrial and sports apparel as they are applied to the logo and design of fashion apparel.

Thermal transfer films are films made from these non-reflective or reflective materials.


Thermal Transfer Film

GIOLITE-LUMIAN CO., LTD. has studied thermal transfer films since 2011. At that time, China was dominating the thermal transfer film market. However, the quality of the products in China was poor due to the weak adhesive force of the film and foreign substances on the numbered surface. To overcome these drawbacks, GIOLITE-LUMIAN CO., LTD. started research and development in earnest. After more than 1,000 experiments over three years, it finally found its way.

It has developed a technology that prevents foreign matter from being coated even when the surface of the film is coated. Adhesion also doubled. As soon as GIOLITE-LUMIAN CO., LTD.s thermal transfer film was put on the market, orders were pushed out in China and Europe. At present, GIOLITE-LUMIAN CO., LTD. is exporting to 50 countries with quality control close to 0% defect rate and achieved 5th place in world market share.

FLEX products from GIOLITE-LUMIAN CO., LTD. are durable/workable and environmentally friendly compared to other manufacturers' products. They are superior in quality and cheaper than comparable products from other companies.

GIOLITE-LUMIAN CO., LTD. develops materials and products to meet trends in the fashion market, and maintains continuous management (QC/QA/new material development) to maintain the highest quality.




It is a non-reflective film used for clothing, such as logo, uniform number, zipper Gucci, and has excellent stretch ability and color. After processing using a PLOTTER or LASER machine, heat it with using a hot process machine.





As a high-brightness reflective thermal transfer film, glass beads were sprayed on the surface where it was protected with a PET film. The plastic film on the mounting surface must be removed before application to the fabric.





It is a non-reflective thermal transfer film that can be printed. Print a variety of images, cut them, and attach them to the fabric using a carrier. Our products have superior quality, which is clear in printing and smooth cutting compared to other products. Although it has a relatively high unit price, it can produce a luxurious image.

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