Dark gas emitted from cars and factories, Subway’s fine dust and yellow dust cause us to wear gas masks. WHO designated ultrafine dust as the first class carcinogen in 2013. Fine dusts’ diameter is from the size of 0.1~10㎛, and these dusts are the solid and liquid substances, such as dusts, asbestos and cadmium, floating in the air. Especially, yellow dust contains metal substances like irons, aluminium, magnesium and calcium, and other harmful chemical substances in the air in a significant amount which impacts seriously upon human health. In fact, even if you do lots of exercise and eat eco-friendly food, if you breathe the air in urban area, this will be bad for your health. Such polluted fine dusts can cause not only cancer in the body, but also skin disease and atopy. When the dusts penetrate on your skin, this will be fatal to skin disease. Fine dusts cannot be taken away by water and soap. So, Spabano, with microbubble technology, is created.

Healthy life by bathing without using soap or chemical detergent. Effective on atopy, sensitive skin and skin beauty. Effective on thermotherapic massage and circulation. Effective on sound sleep and anions.

Spabano generates microbubbles and is soaking your body in milky white water which very beneficial for healthy life by indulging into the effect and beauty of spa. Spabano does not use soap or chemical detergent, it eliminates the dirts in pores without irritations, it boosts the skin humidity, and it is helpful for sensitive, atopic and dry skins.



The Concept and Principles of Spabano’s Microbubbles

The principle of Spabano’s microbubbles is bursting microbubble in the water and causing ultrasound in 400km/hour. When the water molecules cause disruption in a moment, anions are caused in air layer, water created by microbubbles cause a lot more amount of anions than normal water. Also, the water created by microbubbles has higher anion effect than around waterfalls.



Micro bubbles Spa System Effect

1. Micro bubbles Spa System Aesthetic Effect. 
Micro bubbles produce sterilization, purification, and bioactive effects. Without using soaps or bath towers, sitting in bathtub can cleanse all areas of body.
2. Improvement in Skin Diseases After using Spabano.
When micro bubbles burst, generated oscillation wave eliminate dead skin cells and dirt that are accumulated in skin ores.
3. Improvement Scalp Condition After using Spabano. 
Using Spabano can improve damaged scalps and getting less dandruff.
4. Thermal Conservation Effect After using Spabano.
Effective spa with micro bubbles' internal temperature conservation. Oscillation wave created by micro bubbles enable rapid increase in body temperature compared to a normal bath. Also, we found temperature are kept in body tissues rather than in muscles.
5. Massage Effect When using Spabano.
Effect massage enabled by instant 400km/hr ultra-sound wave generated by micro bubble burst. micro bubbles' gentle massaging effect help relaxing tense muscles and improve blood flow.
6. Anion Effect When using Spabano.
10 times greater anions concentration than that of a waterfall. Massive anions are concentrated, provide Comforting and relaxing like walking in deep forests. Breathe in massive negative ions created to relieve the daily stress.




1. Microbubble Spabano is suggested for those who are exposed to skin disease. who are worried about skin aging, who needs to work in a clean hygenic place, who concerns about body odor, and especially the cleaness of female products.
2. Microbubble Spabano is necessary for the bathtub in family houses, the bathtubs for the hospital which requires hygenic environment, and the public places like hotel, resorts, motels and public saunas or bathhouses.
3. Spabano has outstanding results in animal hospitals and showering pet dogs.

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