Human beings can live the most healthy and happy. However, as the civilization has developed significantly, the people in the world pursues the convenience, and the people use concrete which is the mix of sand and pebbles with cement as construction material. However, mining aggregate has become the destruction of environment, and it is not sufficient, so we cannot use concrete no longer.

So, we are going to use the soil which we can get easily and it is an optimal element for the health. However, the soil does not mix well with the concrete which is the main difficulty, so the soil hardener is a chemical which overcomes such problems. Rather than sand, we can form a good environment with new environment-friendly technologies which can pave the road, walking trails, forest trails like cement with soil.

Environmental friendly soil high strength hardener was only used in the huge-scale construction, but it is applicable to the areas of pavement, trails, parking lots, forest trails, bike roads, soft ground, farm roads, barn ground, front yard, small roads, blocks, plates, environment friendly soil house, and Hwangto floors.



[The characteristics of Union Soil hardner]
① Substitutive Wraping mechanism which can substitute asphalt/cement concrete
② Utilizing soil hardening agent only upon the soil—main ground for paving the unpaved roads, trails which is not compressively strong.
③ Paving high-compressive strength upon the main soil ground with soil stabilizer or mix of soil and normal cement and harderning agent for the normal roads
④ Soil hardening agents are Copolymer liquid or powder products with a mix of EVA, Latex and other substances. (Soil one, Soil 100, Soil 200, Soil 300)
⑤ Soil solidifier is an optimum mix products between pozolan, lime, inorganic salts and other possible substances, and a powder product for strengthening pressure level for the pavement.
⑥ UNION’s products produce with four patent winning technology
⑦ This product can realize the similar compressure strength like conventional asphalt, concrete pavement or cement.
⑧ UNION’s soil hardener can be applied upon almost every types of pavement such as roads, trails, walking roads, parking lots or slope area.
⑨ This products can be used as strengthening the pressure of Soil brick or soil blocks
⑩ Paving soil surface strength or durability can be adjusted by a variety of applications the mixture ratio of the hardening agent and water and the mixture ratio of water and soil and the solidifying agent (or cement)
⑪ It is a non-toxic and environmental-friendly product which is not harmful for animals or plants.


Differences and effectiveness of the UNION hardener products

The disadvantages of the current asphalt / cement paving method are the high construction costs, excessive disposal costs, constraints on construction, continued construction waste production, temperature rise in urban areas and flood damages and environmental damage caused by heavy metals.
However, the advantages of the UNION soil pavement (soil concrete) are low cost construction, maintenance convenience, high compressive strength, permanent durability, eco-friendly, harmless to humans, extensive packaging applicability, ease of secure raw materials and availability of short-term construction.
UNION product has excellent quality, so the soil concrete pavement constructed by Soil one was not damaged at all. Despite the serious loss of soil, rubbles stuck firmly underneath the soil surface concrete pavement

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