“If a human being has a right to be born, there will not any more abandoned children. When people give up or lose children, how would be the feelings of the parents? Regardless the situation, we feel deep frustration about human being’s rights and emotional pains. However, God gave love as a special emotion, so the adoptees will have more chances to meet new parents. In fact, the child is an angel who God specially love, but the adopting parents would not know. In fact this is a kind of grasping bigger fortune than winning lotto.”




MPAK (Mission to Promote Adoption in Korea was founded in November 1999. This organization was established by Stephen C. Morrison (Korean Name: Choi, Seokchun), who was an adoptee to the US, loved by his step-parents, and wanted other adoptees to have their families. This organization was also established by the step-parents in Korea, who adopted their children and wished the children to grow up well in a society without prejudice.

MPAK was established for promoting and fostering adoptions in Korea
MPAK was established for promoting and encouraging domestic adoption. We wished all children have their own families and live happily. We aim at promoting the adoption by Koreans or Koreans living in overseas area, supporting adoptees and their families, raising them healthily, improving children’s welfare and rights for adoptees have their families.
MPAK was established in the US in April 1999, and in Korea in November 1999. MPAK gained its legal status from the US in December 1999, and held the inaugural meeting in May 2000 and the first general meeting for adopters in Korea in October 2000. Since then, the organization has been maintained up to now.

Main Works
1) Promotion for improving perceptions of adoption - press promotion, campaign activity, providing adoption information, holding nation-wide general meeting for domestic adopters.
2) support for adopters’ families - operating self-help groups for adopters by region(24 areas), supporting diapers for adopters of toddlers, health-care products, stationery products for early schoolers, and living costs for the low-income adopters.
3) Education - Camp for the adopters’ families, programme for growth by visiting the facilities, education programme for strengthening capacity of adopting families, education for cultivating adoptees’ emotional cultivation, and programme for self-esteem.
4) Research on the Policies about Adoptions for their improvement - Conducting researches on adoptions (perceptions, translating the books about adoptions, researching on adoption culture, and holding seminars). Suggesting the revision or reformation about policies of supporting adopting families and the legislations about adoptions.
5) consultations - consultations about raising adopted children for those who are interested in adoptions or adopters.
6) education for anti-prejudice towards adoption - running education system by understanding the diverse forms of families in contemporary society for activating adoption and settling the sound culture of adoption. The organization run the programmes in 360 schools, 1559 classrooms and 42,079 students in 2014.

MPAK is run by many others’ warm care and love.

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