Do you know "Simonne," the world's No. 1 (ODM) maker of luxury bags?
Simone of Korea is a company that produces and distributes famous overseas bag brands such as Burberry, Tory Burch, Michael Kors, Coach, and Mark Jacobs. 
It occupies 10% of the world's luxury handbag market and 30% of the U.S. market, and is the world's No. 1 manufacturer (ODM) of many luxury brand products in Europe and the U.S. over the past 30 years. 

If Simone is the world's No. 1 manufacturer of luxury bags (ODM), Coble i is the "Full Service Platform" company for luxury bags that design innovation in Korea.



[Coble i] bag


Coble i products are made with 100% Korean design and technology as well made products. 
Based on the elegance of the finest natural cowhide that has not changed over the years, the delicate detail of craftsmanship and the perfect harmony of modern design are attracting attention from fashion leaders who know the true style.

It is a product that goes well with casual looks, semi-business looks and rounding fashion as well as suits, that is, a wonderful combination of color and material adds a fresh and modern sense to show a different class.

In particular, the Boston bag line has a exquisitely finished interior and practical storage space, and it is an exclusive item of Coble i that has not lost its classical yet unique sense by adding various details and pattern printing of graffiti artists.
The Boston Bag can be conveniently used for various purposes in daily life and travel, and it features various types of pockets inside and outside of the product, and the outer pockets express the design philosophy of Coble i, which aims for travel and business.

Coble i product maximizes productivity by vertically integrating design, Just-in-time production, sales and delivery functions with differentiated product power and cost-effective pricing.
In addition, we are constantly developing a variety of unique products, and we are taking a strategy to instill consumers' awareness of being a limited edition brand, which is very unlikely to meet people who have the same product anywhere.
That's how much product scarcity value is going to be a big advantage of Coble i.

[Coble i] boston bag_soul star

If you want to maintain the right balance between comfort and style, Coble i Boston bag "Soulstar" is the answer.
Coble i Boston Bag is an exclusive item of Coble i's that has not lost its classic yet unique sense by adding various details and graffiti art patterns to top-class natural cowhide.
- Luxury with gold steel decorations and casual feel with belt decorations.
- The shoulder strap is detachable, allowing you to style the toad and shoulder together.
- The feeling of leather sagging naturally in oversized.
- Stable handle, classic and simple design, and ample storage.

[Composition] Limited edition, leather single type and suede combination type, various colors, adjustable round top handle, adjustable detachable shoulder strap, top zipper fastening style, internal zipper pocket and open pocket.


[Coble i] Back pack_cascade

Your excellent choice to stay behind the ever-changing trend! Coble i backpack "cascade".
An item to have at least one classic backpack on a trip or business trip, Coble i Backpack "Cascade" represents a key accessory in a classic sports look that expresses a relaxed lifestyle beyond traveling.
- Ample interior storage space.
- A subtle luxury with classic silhouettes and modern details.
- Detail that mixes curve and straight line properly.

[Configuration] Cowhide material, Red / khaki gray / Peacock blue 3 colors, round top handle, adjustable shoulder strap, top zip lock style, inside zipper pocket and open-pocket. Two sizes (L size: w.350 h.410 d.120 / M size : w.290 h.360. d100)


[Coble i] Tote bag_again 20

Coble i tote bag "Again 20", a hot item for fashion sense.
Mix-matchable and trendy styling can be completed anywhere, including classic suit look, semi-casual look, party look and field look.
- The suede material used is harmless to the human body and has no skin irritation.
- Eco-friendly products using raw materials that minimize environmental pollution.
- Especially, white and coffee combi collars are waterproof suede using ingredients from Dupont Company in the United States.
- High-functional products that have excellent protection against contamination such as water, coffee, and oil and can be managed through water washing and alcohol in case of contamination.

[Configuration] cowhide + suede combi type, blue/cream/coffee color, round top handle, adjustable removable shoulder strap, magnetic hook locking style, inside zipper pocket and open-pocket .

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