The law of similars, “Like cures like,” has been applied to treatment since the Hippocrates era around the 5th century BC. This can be easily found in oriental folk remedies, such as eating rice and diluting porridge with rice, or dipping your feet in ice water when frostbite. The words "fight fire with fire" and "deal with poison" are similar to the "law of similar" that fixes similar things.





Geumseong Chemical Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of eco-friendly grain detergents and started with the idea that every dish containing food, like the 'Law of Usa', can be cleaned with grain from nature, and it can be cleaned with the best eco-friendly cleaning. Geumseong Chemical Co., Ltd. started its business in 2011 and achieved sales of 2.9 billion won in 2018 and 3.4 billion won in 2019, and is growing more than 15% fast every year.

1. Detergent of Geumseong Chemical Co., Ltd. is an eco-friendly grain detergent that extracts and separates antioxidants from the world's top 10 super food “Oat” and adds them to the detergent. It can be used more safely and hygienically than conventional detergents, and especially, it has an excellent effect of reducing environmental pollution. (6 related patents, 1 in Japan, 1 in the United States, 1 utility model, and other certificates)

2. In particular, the technical research institute of Geumseong Chemical Co., Ltd. is researching and developing customized functional detergents, focusing on CEO Kim Sun-beom, who has more than 15 years of experience in the detergent field. In particular, we have the technical know-how for the most demanding requirements by ODM production / supply of various cleaning products to the demands of large-scale facilities. Based on this know-how, Geumseong Chemical Co., Ltd. exports eco-friendly grain detergents directly or indirectly to eight countries including Taiwan, Singapore, China, Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Canada, and Australia.

3. Not satisfied with this, Geumseong Chemical Co., Ltd. has developed and launched the Dewash brand to directly supply eco-friendly products to customers and homes such as small and medium-sized restaurants. In particular, Dewash is an automated production system of eco-friendly facilities that rarely generates waste water / waste in the entire process, and provides excellent quality, various products, and reasonable prices.


Dewashcohol : Alcohol disinfectant

Dewashcohol is a safe product that can be added to food from natural fermented alcohol rather than industrial alcohol, and is the most ideal and effective natural sterilizing agent (75% alcohol content) according to government guidelines.
- Safety : A safe alcohol disinfectant made from natural fermented alcohol and can be added to food.
- Versatile : Universal sterilizing and disinfecting agent that can be sterilized and sterilized for various purposes such as household goods, cooking utensils, and facilities.
- Convenience : Clean and convenient disinfectant that evaporates in a short time without stickiness.

[Composition] : 20L large-capacity product, 1L small-capacity product (1BOX = 1L 10 pieces per package), cap opener and pump for subdivision (20L only)


Dewash household dishwasher detergent

Dewash household dishwasher detergent is a safer ingredient for my family, making it cleaner and more hygienic. Using 100% Class 1 raw materials, it satisfies two advantages: safety and cleaning power.
- Safety : 1 type of detergent that can wash vegetables/fruits with 100% food additives.
- Washing power : Clean and hygienic washing power that is comparable to other existing detergents
- Convenience : Stick-type small packaging (Easy-Cut) with detergent / rinse all-in-one.

[Composition] : 14g unit stick-type small packaging (1 Box of 50 pieces, total 700g)


Dewash business detergent

Dewash business detergent is a detergent that combines the know-how of Geumseong Chemical Technology Research Institute, which has researched and developed customer-specific functional detergents. It controls difficult requirements and problems that may occur during the cleaning process and provides effective solutions.
- Differentiation : Eco-friendly grain detergent extracted and separated from oats (Patent No. 10-1593886)
- Customized detergent : It shows customized washing power according to soft water, hard water, and various pollutants.
- Eco-friendly : The effect of reducing environmental pollution through the antioxidant action of oats contained in wastewater.

[Composition] : Detergent and rinse for Business dishwashers (18.75L), Descaling agent (20L, 1L), Multi-purpose oven cleaner (20L), Neutral detergent for kitchen (15kg), Multi-purpose bleach (18kg), Pre-soaking detergent (20 kg)

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Geumseong Chemical Co., Ltd. studies nature. Geumseong Chemical Co., Ltd., a leading company in the field of eco-friendly detergents in Korea, is looking for partners to do business with overseas localization and local supply network establishment. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

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