- COGO carbide end mills in Korea with excellent carbide end milling, CBN end milling, high hardness end milling and diamond coating end milling

A good product can be produced only by a company with honesty and a long history like good molten metal can be obtained only by melting steel carefully in a hot blast furnace for a long time. As the 2nd industrial revolution was popularized by electricity, the industrial revolution was completed by a small cutting tool mounted on a metal lathe machine. A metal machine was developed to produce cotton fabrics, and the steelmaking industry was developed according to the development of steam engines and transportations. Ironically, a small cutting tool mounted on a metal lathe machine was at the center of these changes.

A dishonest cutting tool manufacturer cannot produce a good cutting tool, in the light of the case of Kobe Steel, a representative Japanese company, which has been in a steelmaking business for several decades, recently having lost its reliability of “Made in Japan” products at once due to its quality scandal. The heart of cutting tools is honesty.





Cogo Tool Inc. in Korea is a professional company having only focused on cutting tools for last 20 years with honesty and reliability. As a professional carbide end mill manufacturer having only pushed on carbide cutting tools, Cogo Tool Inc. has been produced world-level high precision products with high-quality and cost-effectiveness through active and creative R&D and improvement of the process since its foundation in 1996. Cogo Tool Inc. aims to establish agencies in at least 30 countries overseas and has an ultimate goal of making ”a company of which employees become the owner”. 

*The company got credit for its technology and export skills and was selected as a “Hi Seoul” brand company and Lee Jae-geon, CEO of the company was selected as a “Hi Seoul” brand CEO representing Seoul which is the capital city of Korea. He has headed a Hi G-Valley forum belonging to a G-Valley Seoul Digital Industrial Complex (about 12,000 IT companies) which is the birthplace of Korean IT industry and helping excellent small and medium-sized companies entering the global market.

The global metal cutting machine market is growing at compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.41%. As the performance of optimized metal cutting tool has been improved, a robot control waterjet cutting technology has developed and the cutting accuracy has been increased, the market demand has been increased. Plasma cutting and laser cutting has been developing together but not come common due to a large facility, high cost and lack of experts.



Properties of Products (core)

Cogo Tool Inc. only produces products satisfying a certain level of and which are the heart of cutting tools. Especially, many companies in 30 countries recognized reasonable price, excellent processability, fast delivery and fast feedback obtained by advanced R&D by using the products on the jobsite. Cogo Tool Inc. is also working on the development of a 3D cutting tool, catching up with the 4th industrial revolution.

Property 1 : Line-up of 5,600 products of 94 items for wide range of selection including CBN, SUS, copper processing purpose
Property 2 : Particularly excellent CBN end mill, high-hardness end mill and diamond coating end mill
Property 3 : Applying a new coating process maximizing abrasion resistance
Property 4 : Strong cutting power of high performance and high speed processing

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Cogo Tool Inc. is available of product sales and OEM/ODM manufacturing. We are especially looking for local agencies to work with. The agencies will manage local buyers.

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