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MarketHub Medical Center
Korea (South)
The hepatectomy of high-level techniques, the world's best liver cancer surgery in Korea


Registration Date March 30, 2018, 11:15:58 | Modified March 30, 2018, 15:09:38

We believe that the people in their fifties who drank a lot of alcohol are getting caught in liver cancer as a result of viewing TV dramas where the middle aged people who drink lots of alcohol are dying from liver cancer. But this is the wrong perception.
With respect to the worldwide distribution of hepatitis, Asia, including Korea, comprising   about two-thirds of the world's total hepatocarcinoma, mostly coincides with the area of the prevalence of the hepatitis B virus. The liver cancer occurs more commonly due to suffering from long chronic hepatitis rather than drinking much alcohol. Experts estimate that it takes about 50 years for hepatitis to develop to liver cancer, having considered fact that prevalence of hepatocellular carcinoma reaches its peak for the people of their fifties.

* (1) Liver cancer refers to a malignant tumor originating from hepatic cells accounting for most of the liver. In a broad sense, it includes all types of malignant tumors of the liver (such as intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma) or metastatic cancer of liver caused by metastasis of cancer of other organs that spreads to the liver, but it refers only to hepatocellular carcinoma as hepatocellular carcinoma is the most common of all liver cancers.
 (2) As symptoms thereof, you can feel lumps on the upper right side of the liver by touching with hands. When liver cancer grows rapidly, pain may be felt in the same area and jaundice, anorexia and weight loss may accompany. However, most cases are identified incidentally or by routine examination without any symptoms.
(3) Most effective treatment for liver cancer is surgical resection of liver cancer. However, there is often a case where a surgical resection is impossible. In this case, the transarterial chemoembolization (TACE), which blocks blood vessels supplying nutrients and oxygen to liver cancer, and the percutaneous ethanol injection therapy (PEIT), which kills liver cancer cells by injecting alcohol into liver cancer and the radiofrequency ablation (RFA), which burns liver cancer with high frequency. (Source: Seoul National University Hospital Medical Information http://www.snuh.org)


■ Why is the liver cancer surgery in Korea globally famous?
In terms of morbidity, hepatocellular carcinoma is the second highest deadly cancer after lung cancer. In particular, hepatocellular carcinoma poses still a threat to the adults who have not benefited from vaccination. The fact that Korea is ranked the best for liver cancer surgery in the world derives from its abundant clinical experience and leading treatment technology. In particular, the liver transplantation which has become a typical treatment for end stage liver disease in Korea, consolidated the basis of the development of liver cancer surgery of Korea. Liver transplantation, in which a portion of a healthy person's liver is removed and transplanted to a liver of the patient, is much more complex and difficult than liver cancer resection. It requires the best technology, as it is required to save the lives of both the donor and the patient while dividing one liver into two. In Asan Medical Center, Seoul, the world's largest 4,300 cases of liver transplants from living donors were performed, and 97% of the world's highest survival rate was recorded. In Seoul St. Mary 's Hospital, the 5- year relative survival rate for cancer patients was 30%, which was higher than the US 16.6%, Canada 20.0% and Japan 27.9%.


■ Korean hospitals and physicians famous for liver cancer surgery
The advantages of large hospitals include that they are equipped with ultrasonography facilities as well as CT and MRI and hepatocellular biopsy (histological examination) while radiation therapy are available, so that patients’ situations can be responded immediately. Many people think that 'liver cancer is subject to surgery department', but liver cancer is also diagnosed and treated in the internal medicine department. In large hospitals, liver diseases are dealt by internal medicine department, digestive internal medicine department, surgery department and liver, gallbladder and pancreatic surgery department.


▲ Seoul National University Hospital : Professor Kim Yoon-jun of digestive medicine, Professor Seo Kyung-seok of surgery
▲ Gangnam Severance Hospital : Professor Lee Kwan-sik of digestive medicine,  Professor Yoon Dong-seop of biliary and cancer clinics
▲ Seoul National University Bundang Hospital : Professor Jeong Sook-hyang,  Professor Han Ho-seong of the Cancer Center in the Surgical Clinic
▲ Yonsei University Health System): Professor Han Kwang-hyup of liver cancer clinic
▲ Samsung Medical Center : Professor Lee Joon-hyeok, head of liver cancer center, Professor Yoo Byeong-cheol of digestive medicine
▲ Keimyung University Dongsan Medical Center : Professor Kang Koo-jung of trichopancreatic surgery and stomatology
▲ Korea University Anam Hospital : Professor Kim Dong-sik at Surgery Department, Professor Kim Yoon-hwan at Visual Medicine Department
▲ Hanyang University Guri Hospital : Professor Park Kyung-dang of Surgeon Surgery
▲ Ajou Medical Center : Wang Heejeong of Surgery
▲ Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital : Professor Yoo Young-kyung of urgery Department, Professor Yoon Seung-kyu of Chalpanatric Cancer Center
▲ Myongji Hospital : Professor Lee Geon-wook of Cancer Joint Recovery Center
▲ Asan Medical Center : Professor Lee Young-ju, Director of Cancer Center, Professor Lee Seung-kyu, Professor of Organ Sharing Center
▲ Kyung Hee University Hospital at Kangdong : Professor Ju sun- young
▲ Konyang University Hospital : Professor Choi In-seok, Director of Organ Sharing Center
▲ National Cancer Center : Dr. Park Joong-won of Liver Cancer Center

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