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Haneulbit Inc.
Korea (South)
Miraculous organic foods made with 'Prayer of Thanks'. Products of an agricultural corporation, Haneulbit Foods Inc.


Registration Date March 30, 2018, 10:54:47 | Modified March 30, 2018, 15:09:25

The research which identifies that plants grow well if the affirmative words are told to them has already been by far progressed. Studies have shown that plants grown listening to classical music have a higher germination rate than plants exposed to noise. (Creath and Schwartz, 2004)


The water which was exposed to the letter of love and heard the words of love show the molecular structure of beautiful crystals. On the contrary, it is said that the water which was exposed to the letter of hate and heard the words of hate show the molecular structure of ugly crystals. (Water knows the answer, Dr. Masaru Emoto, 2010)


This is data of a good indication of what kind of mind, and what kind of production method, is still more important for manufacturing organic foods of best quality, no matter how organic ingredients are used for manufacturing the organic foods in the organic processing plant.


At Haneulbit Foods Inc., we operate a production and processing system that utilizes affirmative characters, language, thoughts and prayers, and adhere to the firm belief that we are capable thereby to manufacture the highest quality products. This was resonated among many people when the rice experiment made by the MBC broadcasting station as well as the onion experiment by the Rural Development Administration and the KBS broadcasting station were broadcasted five to six years ago, so Haneulbit Foods Inc. strives to produce the best products by creating a quality control system based on this scientific nature.

The quality control system of Haneulbit Foods Inc. reflects the dedication and effort of its employees and is proud to be able to produce the best products because they are working in a production process that focuses on the promotion of truly interests of customer. It is the ultimate goal of Haneulbit Foods Inc. to create healthy customers, happy customers, and dreaming customers through such a strict quality control system.
The eco-friendly organic agricultural corporation Haneulbit Foods Inc. was established in 1999 and achieved sales of KRW 2.4 billion in 2013 with the 'Quality Control System of Affirmation'. It has carried out three Korean governmental tasks such as agricultural technology development project. While manufacturing its products being supported by the research institute and cutting- edge production facilities, it distributes the products through various distribution channels such as Hansalim Cooperative (650,000 members), Dure Cooperative (about KRW 200 billion sales per year), Our Rural Farm Revival Movement (2million members nationwide), Chorocmaeul (450 stores), Mugonghae (50 stores) and SK Online Shop. Most importantly, the buyers of the product understand the concept of ‘Quality Control System of Affirmation’ which is widely known, and the company encounters increasingly new buyers and new customers every year thanks to it.

Haneulbit Foods Inc. uses only the materials grown by organic farmers nationwide and produces vegetable soup since 2008 and whole soymilk products since 2009. Especially, it is also striving for development of soymilk yogurt, ice cream, cereal and granular product by utilizing whole soymilk as the materials.

Product Features 1. Organic vegetable soup
- Health drinks developed by Japanese biologist Dr. Tateishi Kaz 40 years ago
- Water boiled with 5 types of vegetables (radish, turnip, burdock, carrot, shiitake mushroom) for 1 hour
- Organic products manufactured with organic ingredients at the certified organic processing facilities.
- It is effective against various chronic diseases with anti-cancer effect, strengthening immunity, diet effect, anti-oxidative activity, relieving of constipation and hangover, mitigation of allergic rhinitis, atopy, blood pressure and diabetes.
- Korean organic products: Organic products made from Korea-made organic ingredients grown by the contracted organic farmers in Korea


Product Features 2. Organic black bean Konghu whole soymilk
- Non-GMO products: Certified by Korean Institution
- Organic products: Organic soymilk made of organic soybeans, etc. supplied by Korean organic farmers contracted a year ago
- Whole soymilk: The soymilk is made of the soy bean being grinded as a whole together with tofu residue, so it is rich in dietary fiber and effective for diet.
- Eco-friendly soymilk: Eco-friendly product with almost no raw materials to dispose of because whole soy bean including tofu residue is used for manufacturing.
- Exclusion of synthetic additives: Because it is a product made without emulsifier, synthetic flavoring, antifoaming agent, preservative, etc., it can prevent various diseases in the human body such as allergy and atopy which can be caused by additives.

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Haneulbit Foods Inc. is able to supply safe and healthy organic products of best quality to all over the world, and OEM/ODM production is also possible. In particular, it is a reliable company as it possesses many certifications such as the patents related to foods, organic processed food certification, HACCP, and Halal certificates.

Homepage ; http://hanbitfood.com/index_english.html

(zip code) 32615
Address : 50, Bomokgogae-ro Gyeryong-myeon, Gongju-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea
Tel. +82-41-852-3234
Fax. +82-41-856-3432
E-mail : kwangduck25@gmail.com

Group B2B : IIAMHUN Inc. (http://www.iiam.co.kr/en)
5F, 94-1, Hangangno 2-ga, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Korea
Tel: 02-792-2398, Fax: 02-792-2396, E-mail: iiam@iiam.co.kr

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