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Korea (South)
E-SOUP Inc. certified by the FDA of the U.S. with safe natural herbal mouth bubble toothpaste to clean every corner of mouth with bubble


Registration Date December 15, 2017, 19:26:35 | Modified December 15, 2017, 22:37:29

Teeth is the most important tool for humans to survive regardless of time and place. It is the tool for survival to chew foods more than tens of millions of times every day until we die. It is the toothbrush and toothpaste that clean this tool and keep it healthy.


It is said that at least over 350 kinds of bacteria or viruses stay in the mouth. What matters is that we can’t remove every bad bacteria and virus only with a toothbrush and toothpaste to clean tooth and keep them in healthy condition. In particular, the toothpaste we use contains abrasives such as silicon dioxide, dental type silica, calcium carbonate and also includes fluorine such as sodium fluoride and sodium phosphate. Besides, paraben has antiseptic effect and preserves the product for long but has some toxic effects such as disturbing the endocrinal hormone system to children etc.


E-SOUP bubble toothpaste to solve two problems the existing toothpaste and toothbrush have at the same time!


Bubble toothpaste is made of nano particle bubble, therefore, (1) it removes bad bacteria and viruses at each corner of mouth, in particular (2) natural materials are used to replace the harmful components of toothpaste. As in this modern day, people can use it anywhere and it plays a role in protecting the gum, its demand is steadily increasing from developed countries and in particular, it becomes the proper toothpaste substitute children can use without concerns

E-SOUP of Korea is the company to seek the great harmony of humans and nature and develop the product unharmful to humans and environment through environmentally friendly material and method. It is the environmentally friendly company to make multi-purpose lens cleaner, bubble toothpaste, cleansing, laundry detergent for babies and natural hand-made soap etc. In particular, the bubble toothpaste to contain the herbal material, mugwort, and cnidium with anti-inflammation effect is the globally popular product certified by FDA of the U.S. Recently, we try to expand our scope to make products with natural materials and we advances to American and European market etc. as investing money in technology development continuously, pursuing the best quality and improving products.


We are getting together with foreign partners to market DenTree bubble toothpaste certified by FDA!

DenTree is the mouth care product to be able to make tooth brushing, goggling and cleaning available at the same time with fresh fragrance. It is also total oral care product to remove harmful bacteria in the mouth, prevent sensitive teeth and gum related diseases.


Feature 1. To remove harmful materials with nano particle bubble
DenTree is made up of nano particle bubble, therefore, it can remove harmful materials such as plaque etc. moving around each corner of the mouth only with goggling without brushing teeth.


Feature 2. Harmful materials of toothpaste are replaced with natural ones
As it doesn’t contain abrasive different from normal toothpaste and its main materials include HAP (Hydroxylapatite), the natural component similar to a bone, it strengthens teeth. Because the quantity of surfactant it contains is much smaller than that of normal toothpaste, even swallowing it doesn’t cause any health related problem.


Feature 3. Even more healthier with oriental medicinal materials
mugwort, and cnidium with anti-inflammation effect
As it has mugwort to kill any kinds of germs and cnidium with anti-inflammation effect, it is so good for our health.


• FDA OTC Registration (US , 76170 – 101, 102, 103, bubble toothpaste)
• Passing FDA’s safety test on major substances (FDA’s safety test on major substances)
• Acquire the certificate to produce by KFDA (Permission No.: dental mouth medicine No. 02310)
• Trademark application(40-2012-0037511, 40-2012-0070243)
• Component patent application for healthy mouth(10-2010-0136623)
• Bubble toothpaste patent application – disposable container (10-2012-0091371)
• Passed the main material safety test

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Contact us

In case you are foreign distributor or buyer to want to have a deal with E-SOUP inc., the manufacturer of bubble toothpaste certified by FDA, don’t hesitate to contact us. Any matters are welcome such as mass order of best price, OEM/ODM order, investment, localization project etc.


Homepage : http://esoup.co.kr/es/eng/
Adress : E-SOUP Inc. 49, Dalseo-daero 85-gil, Dalseo-gu, Daegu, Korea
TEL : +82-53-584-3320   FAX : +82-53-584-3360
e-Mail : jts@esoup.co.kr


Merchandising Trade Agency : Hwadong International Inc.
Homepage : http://www.hwadong.net
Adress : 5F KT Daejeon Building 452-52, Daehung-dong, Jung-gu, Daejeon, Korea (301-709)
TEL : +82-42-638-1969  FAX : +82-42-670-8229
e-Mail : marketing@hwadong.net


B2B to ; trade@markethub.org

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